While selecting an appropriate structure for your business, we advise our clients to choose a structure in line with their long-term business objectives in mind. The Australian tax laws are highly complex, and any changes in your business structure in the future can trigger a capital gains tax scenario which could prove costly.

While providing advice on the selection of business structures, we always take into account factors such as:

  • Income Tax Minimisation
  • Maximize Asset Protection
  • Allow for the admission of New Business Partners or Investors
  • Future entitlement to Discount Capital Gains Tax Concessions

Choosing a right structure for your business is vitally important from every aspect because this is the first step to be taken. We, at MaxMargin Accountants, provide best strategy, Business Planning, & Business Structuring for Business Start-up. While seeking the best Business Structure for your business, we can help you with:

  • Sole Trade
  • Partnership
  • Limited Partnership

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