Keep Safe Online during Tax Time – Scam Alert


  • To know detail information regarding the ways to stay secure online, Click here on the link and find out the few important ATOs pointers on staying secure during the tax period
  • If you are not sure about the effectiveness of an ATOs conversation then it is recommended to not to reply, Contact ATO on 1800 008 540 or visit verify
  • Beware while downloading attachments or clicking links in emails, text messages or social media posts, even if it is demonstrated form someone you recognize.
  • Examine your accounts for every unexpected activity or transaction and instantly contact your bank or other organization whenever you observe any incorrect or unexpected activities.
  • Ensure to update your device by installing the most recent security updates and also drive regular antivirus scams and apply spam filter on your e-mail accounts
  • It is suggested to examine your staff while they make an entry and instantly access for anyone who shouldn’t have one
  • Make use of multiple authentication factors wherever needed and it is suggested not to share a password with anyone. The speedy and secure method to sign-in to access online service is to make use of SMS codes as your sign-in option for myGov

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